Kenosha Joint Services Board


  • Supervisor Monica Yuhas (chairperson), term expires May 15, 2024
  • Supervisor Brian Bashaw, term expires Aug. 23, 2023
  • County Executive Samantha Kerkman, term does not expire
  • Mayor John Antaramian (designee John Morrissey), term does not expire
  • Alderman Curt Wilson, term expires March 16, 2026
  • Kenosha Police Chief Patrick Patton, term expires March 16, 2026
  • Paris Fire and Rescue Chief Colin Hennessy, term expires May 1, 2026

Youth in Governance

  • Rogelio (JJ) Castro
  • Rylee Chamberlin

History & Purpose

In the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement by and between the County of Kenosha and the City of Kenosha (February 24, 2010), the City and the County agreed to reaffirm their establishment of an intergovernmental cooperative agency entitled and re-named as Kenosha Joint Services and a Board of Directors – the Kenosha Joint Services Board – for the purpose of providing oversight of the operation of Kenosha Joint Services. 

The mission of the Kenosha Joint Services Board is to provide communications; 9-1-1 emergency fire, police and emergency medical service dispatch; law enforcement records management and custody of crime scene evidence; identification services; public counter service; property room operations; law enforcement vehicle maintenance and such other areas that may be agreed upon from time to time by the City and the County. 

Members & Terms

The Kenosha Joint Services Board, created pursuant to Section 66.0301 of the Wisconsin Statutes, consists of seven (7) members. Members shall serve 3-year terms and receive no compensation.

Two (2) members shall be County Board Supervisors appointed by the County Board Chairperson and approved by the County Board. The third County representative shall be the County Executive or their designee, not subject to County Board approval.

Three (3) members shall be appointed by the Mayor, one of whom shall be an Alderperson. All Mayoral appointments shall be confirmed by the Common Council. Both the County Executive and the Mayor, if appointed, may designate an alternate member to represent them, which alternate need not be confirmed by the County Board or the Common Council.

The seventh member shall be a resident of Kenosha County, appointed by both the Mayor and the County Executive, for a 3-year term with said term to be extended until such time as a successor is appointed and confirmed. The appointment of the seventh member shall require approval and confirmation of both the County Board and the Common Council.

Kenosha Joint Services Board members who are also elected officials shall serve only for so long as they remain an elected official. All members of the Kenosha Joint Services Board shall serve for their remaining term, and until their successor is appointed and qualified, but not for more than 90 days after their term has expired.