VisaPay Fees Online

You can now pay your Court Fees with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover credit card. This option is offered through ACI Payments, Inc. You have the option of using their internet site or using their automated phone system. The following fees are currently being accepted:

  • Family Cases
    • Mediation Fees
    • Guardian Ad Litem Fees
    • Custody Study Fees
  • Criminal Cases
  • Traffic Cases

Please note that you must have an assigned case number to complete this payment, which consists of two numbers, two letters and six numbers. The citation number alone is not enough.

Make a Payment

To make a credit card payment over the internet, go to the ACI Payments, Inc. website. Fees for credit card transactions will be assessed.

To make a credit card payment using ACI Payments' automated phone system call the toll free number 1-800-2PAY-TAX (1-800-272-9829).

Information Needed for Payment

You will need to have the following information to make this payment:

  • Your assigned Case Number
  • Your credit card information
  • The amount of the fee

After a Payment

The system will give you the following information after you provide your information:

  • Tell you the total of your payment, including the appropriate fee
  • Obtain approval of the charge
  • Provide you with a confirmation number. Be sure to write down your confirmation number as a record of your payment. The charge will also appear on your credit card statement: the tax amount on one line, the convenience fee amount on a separate line