Casino Documentation

Date Description
2/11/2005 Memorandum from the Office of Corporation Counsel regarding the Intergovernmental Agreement Documents
2/11/2005 Resolution in Support of an Intergovernmental Agreement Pertaining to the Application by the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin...
2/11/2005 Letter from Perkins Coie with Issue Paper attached
2/11/2005 Letter from City Administrator Regarding Intergovernmental Agreement Documents
2/11/2005 City Administration's Executive Summary of the Intergovernmental Agreement
2/11/2005 Intergovernmental Agreement between the City, County, Tribe and Authority.
2/11/2005 Exhibit "A"
Corrected Legal Description Excluding Roads
2/11/2005 Exhibit "B"
Plat of Survey
2/11/2005 Exhibit "C"
Kenosha Trust Land Regulations Adopted by menominee Nation Ordinance 04-44
2/11/2005 Exhibit "D"
2/11/2005 Exhibit "E"
2/11/2005 Intergovernmental Cooperation and Revenue Sharing Agreement
2/11/2005 Request from Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin For Support of Menominee Federal Trust Application
2/11/2005 City of Kenosha Resolution of Support
2/11/2005 Agreement Regarding Sales Tax
10/05/2004 Estimated Levy Impact of Casino Development - Direct Costs and Impact only
9/29/2004 Corporation Counsel Presentation: Inter - Governmental Agreement Between Kenosha County And The Menominee Indian Tribe Of Wisconsin
9/24/2004 Inter-Governmental Agreement Between Kenosha County And The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin. (DRAFT)
9/24/2004 Evaluation of a Market Assessment for Casino Gaming at Dairyland Greyhound Park (Crowe Chizek Report)
9/24/2004 Menominee/Kenosha Tribal Casino Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
9/24/2004 Inter-Governmental Agreement Executive Summary
9/24/2004 Casino Projected Payments based on Net Win (DRAFT)