Complete Sanitary Forms List

Maintenance Reporting Forms

Option 1 - Septic Tank Maintenance Form (PDF)

Option 2 - Evaluation Report From (PDF)

Holding Tank Report Form (PDF)

Supplemental Treatment Device Report Form (PDF)

Permit Application / Review Forms

State Sanitary Permit Application - (R 03/21) (PDF)

Application for Holding Tank Review For Private or Public Facilities with a Design Wastewater Flow of 3000 GPD or less (PDF)

County Sanitary Permit Application - for county permits only (PDF)

Non-Recordable Document Form - Single Component - POWTS Service Frequency Greater than 12 Month Intervals - No Recording Fee Necessary

Septic Tank Maintenance Agreement (PDF)

Recordable Document Forms - Single Component - POWTS Service Frequency Less than 12 Month Intervals - Recording Fees $30/ Document

Septic Tank Maintenance Agreement (PDF)

Holding Tank Agreement (PDF)

Holding Tank Service Contract (PDF) - no fee necessary

Notice of Use of a Holding Tank in Lieu of a POWTS with a Dispersal Cell (PDF)

Notice of a Per Capita Sizing of a POWTS (PDF)

Notice of a POWTS Serving More than 1 Building (PDF) - for systems currently serving a building

Notice of a POWTS Serving More than 1 Building (PDF) - used for installation of all POWTS components

Pretreatment Unit Maintenance Agreement (PDF)

Multi-Component Recordable Document Forms - Recording Fees $30 / Document

Septic Tank / Pretreatment Unit / Combined Form (PDF)

Septic Tank / Pretreatment Unit / Supplemental Treatment Device (e.g. Ultraviolet Light) / Combined Form (PDF)

Additional County Forms

Existing POWTS Evaluation Report Form (PDF)

Addendum to POWTS Management Plan (PDF)

Application for Soil Test Review (PDF) - For Land Divisions

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