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December 2017 Newsletter December 2017 Newsletter
This month includes information on Celebrating Diversity during the Holidays. Happy Holidays!
December 2017 Newsletter - Spanish December 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
November 2017 Newsletter November 2017 Newsletter
See the newsletter for information about Parental Resilience. Happy Thanksgiving!
November 2017 Newsletter - Spanish November 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
October 2017 Newsletter October 2017 Newsletter
The October edition of the PSN Newsletter is attached. This month includes family activities for Fall and tips for Halloween safety. Don’t miss the information about the PSN Family Resource Center Open House on Friday, October 27th! Happy Halloween!
October 2017 Newsletter - Spanish October 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
September 2017 Newsletter September 2017 Newsletter
This month focuses on back to school tips. Check the newsletter for information about upcoming parenting programs and other PSN programs.
September 2017 Newsletter - Spanish September 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
August 2017 Newsletter August 2017 Newsletter
Check out tips for back-to-school preparation. Also see the Newsletter for upcoming PSN classes and programs.
August 2017 Newsletter - Spanish August 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
July 2017 Newsletter July 2017 Newsletter
This month provides tips for enjoying your summer! Have a safe and happy Independence Day!
July 2017 Newsletter - Spanish July 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
June 2017 Newsletter June 2017 Newsletter
This month has articles about Raising Good Kids and The Importance of Fathers. Happy Father’s Day!
June 2017 Newsletter - Spanish June 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
May 2017 Newsletter May 2017 Newsletter
See the newsletter for information on upcoming parenting programs and articles about the “myths” about parenting and child mental health.
May 2017 Newsletter - Spanish May 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
April 2017 Newsletter April 2017 Newsletter
See the newsletter for information about Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month activities.
April 2017 Newsletter - Spanish April 2017 Newsletter - Spanish
March 2017 Newsletter March 2017 Newsletter
In addition to the schedule of PSN events and programs, this month includes tips on healthy living and spring activities for families.
February 2017 Newsletter February 2017 Newsletter
February is Black History Month. See the newsletter article for family activities to celebrate the achievements of African Americans throughout history. Happy Valentine’s Day!
January 2017 Newsletter January 2017 Newsletter
Check out our new look! Also, read the newsletter for upcoming training opportunities. Happy New Year!
December 2016 Newsletter December 2016 Newsletter
Read the newsletter for tips on how to de-stress your holidays. Happy Holidays!
November 2016 Newsletter November 2016 Newsletter
See the first article for information on concrete supports in Kenosha County. Happy Thanksgiving!
Ocotober 2016 Newsletter Ocotober 2016 Newsletter
Join us for Parent Talk Lunch every Wednesday at Noon!
September 2016 Newsletter September 2016 Newsletter
This month provides information on Parenting and Child Development and highlights the National Infant Mortality Awareness Month activities occurring in Kenosha. I hope you will join us at these events!
August 2016 Newsletter August 2016 Newsletter
See the articles about using your EBT (food share) card at the Farmer’s Markets!
July 2016 Newsletter July 2016 Newsletter
Have a great 4th of July!
June 2016 Newsletter June 2016 Newsletter
This month focuses on the importance of fathers in children's lives. Happy Father's Day!
May 2016 Newsletter May 2016 Newsletter
See the newsletter for information regarding the “Eating Smart Being Active” class that will be presented as part of Parent Talk Lunch during the months of May and June.
April 2016 Newsletter April 2016 Newsletter
April is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month!
March 2016 Newsletter March 2016 Newsletter
March is Women’s History Month. See the newsletter for information on the Turn the Town Blue 2nd Annual 5K Family Fun Run/Walk. Registrations are due April 1st. Remember, you can receive Humana Vitality points for participating!
February 2016 Newsletter February 2016 Newsletter
Don’t miss the article Talking to Children about Diversity. There are many programs and activities coming up in February. See the newsletter for flyers and information. Happy Valentine’s Day!
January 2016 Newsletter January 2016 Newsletter
New Year's Resolutions
December 2015 Newsletter December 2015 Newsletter
Happy Holidays!
November 2015 Newsletter November 2015 Newsletter
Happy Thanksgiving!
October 2015 Newsletter October 2015 Newsletter
This month features information on Knowledge of Child Development and Parenting.
September 2015 Newsletter September 2015 Newsletter
Parent Resilience
August 2015 Newsletter August 2015 Newsletter
Back to School Tips for Parents
July 2015 Newsletter July 2015 Newsletter
Have a fun and safe Fourth of July!
June 2015 Newsletter June 2015 Newsletter
We celebrate Father’s Day in June. See the articles about the importance of Dads and Co-Parenting. Happy Father’s Day!
May 2015 Newsletter May 2015 Newsletter
Happy Mother's Day!
April 2015 Newsletter April 2015 Newsletter
This newsletter includes information and activities related to Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month.
March 2015 Newsletter March 2015 Newsletter
This month highlights the protective factor of “knowledge of parenting and child development.”
February 2015 Newsletter February 2015 Newsletter
This newsletter includes an article on the Protective Factor of “Social and Emotional Competence for Children.”
January 2015 Newsletter January 2015 Newsletter
Happy New Year!
December 2014 Newsletter December 2014 Newsletter
This month provides some tips for the holiday season. I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving and wonderful holidays!
November 2014 Newsletter November 2014 Newsletter
This month focuses on supports for families during the Thanksgiving holiday.
October 2014 Newsletter October 2014 Newsletter
This month focuses on parent resilience and provides some safety tips for fire prevention month and trick-or-treating!
September 2014 Newsletter September 2014 Newsletter
“Knowledge of Child Development and Parenting.”
August 2014 Newsletter August 2014 Newsletter
This month focuses on concrete supports for families and provides some tips for back-to-school.
July 2014 Newsletter July 2014 Newsletter
Enjoy the Independence Day Holiday!
June 2014 Newsletter June 2014 Newsletter
As we celebrate Father’s Day in June, read about the importance of Dads in the lives of their children. Happy Father’s Day!
May 2014 Newsletter May 2014 Newsletter
“Happy Spring! Happy Mother’s Day!”
April 2014 Newsletter April 2014 Newsletter
April is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month.
March 2014 Newsletter March 2014 Newsletter
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
February 2014 Newsletter February 2014 Newsletter
February is Black History Month!
January 2014 Newsletter January 2014 Newsletter
December 2013 Newsletter December 2013 Newsletter
Holiday Traditions and Home Safety Tips.
November 2013 Newsletter November 2013 Newsletter
Thanksgiving Ideas and Homework Tips for Parents
October 2013 Newsletter October 2013 Newsletter
September 2013 Newsletter September 2013 Newsletter
Back to School Tips for Parents
August 2013 Newsletter August 2013 Newsletter
See page 4 for important tips regarding children and heatstroke. Parenting Connections Program is starting!
July 2013 Newsletter July 2013 Newsletter
Read Part 2 of Bullying Prevention Series, tips on Kids and Sunburn, and Building Positive Behaviors
June 2013 Newsletter June 2013 Newsletter
This month provides a recap of the Turn the Town Blue celebration, information on How to be a Better Dad, and the first in a series on Bullying Prevention.
May 2013 Newsletter May 2013 Newsletter
Articles Include: Spring Activities, Helping Children Learn Math, and Responding to Traumatic Events.
April 2013 Newsletter April 2013 Newsletter
April is Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Month. See the newsletter for Turn the Town Blue activities during this month.
March 2013 Newsletter March 2013 Newsletter
The Importance of Play, Reading to Children, and Parents as Leaders.
February 2013 Newsletter February 2013 Newsletter
February is Black History Month. How to beat cabin fever. Encourage your children to read!
January 2013 Newsletter January 2013 Newsletter
Check Out the New Look and Tips for the New Year.
December 2012 Newsletter December 2012 Newsletter
Handling Holiday Stress and Discovering Talents in Your Children
November 2012 Newsletter November 2012 Newsletter
Homeless Awareness Month and Home Safety
October 2012 Newsletter October 2012 Newsletter
Why we wear Red Ribbons In October and also Halloween Safety.
September 2012 Newsletter September 2012 Newsletter
Back to School and Grandparents raising Grandchildren
August 2012 Newsletter August 2012 Newsletter
Family Fun Month, Children and Poetry,Smile and Be Friendly
July 2012 Newsletter July 2012 Newsletter
Wisdom from our Forefather, Benjamin Franklin, Summertime Eating, Good Snacks for Kids, Summertime Projects
June 2012 Newsletter June 2012 Newsletter
Father's Day, Making Friends, Thank You Kenosha for Turning the Town Blue, Would You Recognize a Drowning Victim?
May 2012 Newsletter May 2012 Newsletter
May is Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month, How to be a Good Listener, It's All About Communication
April 2012 Newsletter April 2012 Newsletter
Five Protective Factors that Strengthen Families and Protect Children, Bedtime for Baby, Skills Every Child Needs: Self-Directed, Engaged Learning
March 2012 Newsletter March 2012 Newsletter
Surviving and Thriving during the Winter Blues, Obesity and Unhealthy Eating, Skills Every Child Needs: Taking on Challenges
February 2012 Newsletter February 2012 Newsletter
Black History Month, Family Team Meetings, Skills Every Child Needs: Critical Thinking
January 2012 Newsletter January 2012 Newsletter
Wisconsin Winteria, Playing in the Snow, Life Skills Every Child Needs: Making Connections
December 2011 Newsletter December 2011 Newsletter
Happy Holidays, Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs: Communication
November 2011 Newsletter November 2011 Newsletter
Homeless Awareness Month, Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs
October 2011 Newsletter October 2011 Newsletter
Family Autumn Activities, Seven Essential Life Skills Every Child Needs, Everyday Prevention Actions to Fight Germs and Flu
September 2011 Newsletter September 2011 Newsletter
Seven Essential Life Skills, Pedestrian Safety, Small Gifts, Big Thoughts!, Children's Fear are Real
August 2011 Newsletter August 2011 Newsletter
Waning Days of Summer, Childhood Relationships, Simply Simplify!
July 2011 Newsletter July 2011 Newsletter
Freedom Isn't Free, Tornadoes and Storms and Floods, Start a Collection
June 2011 Newsletter June 2011 Newsletter
Happy Father's Day, Preventing Childhood Sexual Abuse, Would You Recognize a Drowning Victim?
May 2011 Newsletter May 2011 Newsletter
Healthy from the Start, Turn the Town Blue Recap, What Makes Your Child Light Up?
April 2011 Newsletter April 2011 Newsletter
Child Abuse Prevention Month, Child Abuse in Public Places
March 2011 Newsletter March 2011 Newsletter
The History of Women's History, Getting Organized and Free of Clutter
February 2011 Newsletter February 2011 Newsletter
Black History Month, What is PIWI?, Fighting the Common Cold
January 2011 Newsletter January 2011 Newsletter
New Year's Resolutions, Frostbite, Carbon Monoxide, Children Learn Through Play
December 2010 Newsletter December 2010 Newsletter
Preventing Childhood Afflictions, Holiday Safety Tips
November 2010 Newsletter November 2010 Newsletter
Social Connections, Domestic Violence Awareness, Family Traditions
October 2010 Newsletter October 2010 Newsletter
Energy Assistance, National Bullying Prevention Month, BadgerCare Plus Changes
September 2010 Newsletter September 2010 Newsletter
Dealing with a Drop in Income, Go Green and Save Money, Save Money at the Supermarket, Shopping with Children
August 2010 Newsletter August 2010 Newsletter
Preparing Young Children for School, Signs of Drowning, Learning to Accept Criticism
July 2010 Newsletter July 2010 Newsletter
Keep Cool, Keep Hydrated, Safe Swimming, School's Out
June 2010 Newsletter June 2010 Newsletter
The Importance of Dads, Thanks for Being Blue, infant and Toddler Cooperation
May 2010 Newsletter May 2010 Newsletter
Children’s Book Week, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Strengthen Families and Keep Children Safe
April 2010 Newsletter April 2010 Newsletter
The Baby Won't Stop Crying!, Preventing Sexual Abuse, Child Abuse and Neglect Questions
March 2010 Newsletter March 2010 Newsletter
It’s Easy Being Green!, Green Cleaning Tips
February 2010 Newsletter February 2010 Newsletter
How Relationships Affect Your Health, Teenage Relationships, Toxic Relationships
January 2010 Newsletter January 2010 Newsletter
Single Parenting, Importance of Reading, Children and the Media, Family Time
December 2009 Newsletter December 2009 Newsletter
Holiday Traditions, Holiday Celebrations and Alcohol, Depression and the Holidays
November 2009 Newsletter November 2009 Newsletter
Thankful for Thanksgiving, Homeless Awareness Month, Veterans Day
October 2009 Newsletter October 2009 Newsletter
Safety Education Tips, Halloween Safety, Medicine Collection Day
September 2009 Newsletter September 2009 Newsletter
Healthy Living, SIDS Information, H1N1 (Swine Flu) & You
August 2009 Newsletter August 2009 Newsletter
Back to School, Reading to Children, School Safety
July 2009 Newsletter July 2009 Newsletter
Sunburn, Heat Illness, Grills, Lawnmower and Tornado Safety
June 2009 Newsletter June 2009 Newsletter
Ten Ways to be a Better Dad, Buyer Beware and Seller Take Care, PSN Spotlight Series
May 2009 Newsletter May 2009 Newsletter
Mother's Day, Baby Wellness Week, PSN Spotlight Series
April 2009 Newsletter April 2009 Newsletter
C.A.P. Crusaders, PSN Open House, PSN Spotlight Series
March 2009 Newsletter March 2009 Newsletter
A More Peaceful Home, A More Organized Home, What is your clutter personality?
February 2009 Newsletter February 2009 Newsletter
Building a Healthy Relationship, Sick Day Guidelines: Making the Right Call When Your Child Has a Cold
January 2009 Newsletter January 2009 Newsletter
New Year’s Resolutions for Adolescents, Your Infant and Toddler
December 2008 Newsletter December 2008 Newsletter
Holi-daze Tips and Tricks, Decorate Safely for the Holidays
November 2008 Newsletter November 2008 Newsletter
How Do You Define “Family”?, Prevention Services Network (PSN) Outreach
October 2008 Newsletter October 2008 Newsletter
Fighting Drug and Alcohol Use by Minors, Fire Prevention Safety
September 2008 Newsletter September 2008 Newsletter
Infant Mortality Crisis, Bathroom Safety, Finding the right babysitter
August 2008 Newsletter August 2008 Newsletter
Back to School Tips, Parental Stress, Women's Circle and Parent Talk Lunch updates
July 2008 Newsletter July 2008 Newsletter
Personal Power: A Reflection on Women's Circle, Parent Talk Lunch
June 2008 Newsletter June 2008 Newsletter
Dealing with Summer Stress, Women’s Circle Update, Five Protective Factors that Strengthen Families and Protect Children
May 2008 Newsletter May 2008 Newsletter
Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Month, Women’s Circle Update, Building Protective Factors Within Families
April 2008 Newsletter April 2008 Newsletter
Pinwheels for Prevention Event, Week of the Young Child, Parent Talk Lunch