Credit Card Options

You can pay your Real Estate Property Taxes on line through Point & Pay (follow the link below). 
Please contact our office with any questions at 653-2542.

Fees for credit card transactions will be assessed. Please view the fee schedule for more information.


Point and Pay Logo

To Make Payments

To make a credit card payment over the internet taxes, visit the Point & Pay website.

Necessary Information Needed

You will need to have the following information to make this payment:
  • The amount of the tax or fee payment
  • Your credit card information
  • Your parcel number
The system will:
  • Tell you the total of your payment, including the appropriate fee
  • Obtain approval of the charge
  • Provide you with a confirmation number, be sure to write down your confirmation number as a record of your payment; the charge will also appear on your credit card statement: the tax amount on one line, the convenience fee amount on a separate line