Beach Condition

Current Beach Conditions - The water quality is posted daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Beach Water Condition Temp Sample Date
 Alford Park Good 54 08/29/18
 Eichelman Beach Good 58 08/30/18
 Pennoyer Park Good 65 08/31/18
 Simmons Island Park Good 60 08/30/18
 Southport Park Good 52 08/29/18
 Silver Lake (Cogswell) Good   08/30/18
 Old Settlers Good   08/30/18
 Hoag Park Good   08/30/18
 PHLA Good 08/30/18
 Lily Lake CLOSED   08/31/18
 North Shore Association Good 08/30/18
 Sunset Beach Good   08/07/18
 Lance Park Good   08/30/18
 Musial Beach Good   08/07/18
 Lucille Beach Good   08/07/18
 Center Lake Good   08/30/18
 Rock Lake Good   08/30/18
 Lake Shangri La (220th Ct) Good   08/30/18
 Lake Shangri La (Bristol) Good   08/07/18
 Camp Lake Good   08/23/18
 Silver Lake (Main) Good   08/30/18
 Lake George (103rd) Good   08/07/18
 Lake George (101st) Good   08/07/18
 Prairie Shores Good  70 08/23/18

For additional information on Kenosha Beaches visit Beach Information.

Testing the Lake Michigan Beaches in Kenosha
The City Parks Department collects the samples. The Kenosha County Division of Health is responsible for testing the beaches and informing the City Parks Department daily of bacteria counts so that they can post the appropriate signage for beach advisories. The water quality is posted daily from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Beaches That are Tested

Alford, Pennoyer, Simmons, Eichelman, and Southport beaches are tested regularly. Because there is no lifeguard duty at Kenosha's Lake Michigan coastal beaches, swimmers enter the water at anytime at their own risk.

Testing Frequency

Simmons and Eichelman beaches are considered medium priority beaches and are tested twice weekly. Ranked as low priority beaches, Alford, Pennoyer, and Southport are tested once weekly. If the water is contaminated at any of the beaches, those beaches are tested daily until the E. coli level returns to below the standard of 235 E. coli/100 ml of sample. 8